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I'm a mid-twenty-something lady from New England. I spend most of my time making comics, contemplating cute outfits, and petting cats.

This is a fatshion blog! I started it because I wanted my own little corner of the internet to work on body positivity. If you want to see my other stuff, like comics and art and other ramblings, check out my main tumblr. If you follow me and I follow back, it'll be under that account.

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A compilation of work selfies. 

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flower crowns are so last week.

everyone knows this is what’s in



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New clothes~ Ugh my room is hella messy and my dog’s stuff is slowly taking over lol..

Crochet top and shorts from Forever21~ Headband from Wetseal ~ Sandals from Modcloth~ 

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The second and last ones are my favorites.

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Rock a mustard midi skirt to work or on a weekends: all it takes is a little shifting of the accessories. ;)

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